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A former political prison that was opened 1948. a closed 1988.


Welcome to the catering trade Porat located on the waterfront of the bay Tetina on island Goli. There a friendly staff will welcome you and help you in choosing the dishes you will consume with the sound of the sea in the thick shade of the terrace.

Catering establishment

Variety of seafood and meat dishes served on wooden tables with loud singing of crickets who want a little air and shadow that you found here. Kind hosts will make your visit relaxing and anti-stressfull. A house specialty? A dried octopus with eggs. A maritime dish you will not find on the menus of other restaurants. It has a distinctive odor and the main ingredient is prepared in winter months. The octopus is being dried in the wind 3-4 days and then stored in the freezer so you can enjoy it in the summer months. It is being served as an omelette. Catering facility has enough space to organize meals for a bigger group of people or group excursions. The building has a souvenir shop and an information desk for all those interested in this part of Croatian history.

Island Goli

A former political prison opened in 1948 and closed in 1988. You will be disappointed by the devastated island but be interested to see though. To view the solitaires and remains of correctional facilities in which the prisoners lived. Before your eyes an image will create of the times when it was ruled by a different regime and you will think about the brutality of the time. You will be fascinated by the rocks and the heat at which the prisoners filled out various tasks. You will leave this island with a conclusion that it should be much better edited and arranged for tourist purposes.